Fair Trade School Program

Fair Trade School

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation, in partnership with The Canadian Fair Trade Network and Fairtrade Canada is seeking five schools to pursue and achieve Fair Trade School designation.

Imagineaction is a social justice program of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation designed to facilitate teacher-student-community interaction in social action. Together with Fairtrade Canada, Imagineaction provides a monetary incentive to each school selected to educate about fair trade as part of classroom studies, and pursue a Fair Trade designation by the end of the school year.

Primary, elementary and high school teachers in Canada can apply to Imagineaction. Teaching materials are available from Fairtrade Canada to guide classroom learning that will teach students about fair trade and social justice issues. An Action Guide and supporting materials will help the school towards Fair Trade designation with ideas and suggestions on activities and events to involve, challenge and engage students.

As part of the Fair Trade School Program, students will understand the life of children in developing countries and how purchasing decisions, such as buying fair trade products, can create real change for people producing, and their families.

Apply on Imagineaction by filling out the standard Imagineaction project application form accessible through your current login. If you don’t have a login or require additional information, please contact info@imagine-action.ca.

Teaching materials for Fair Trade designation can be found here along with a pre-designation Action Guide and other documents to support your journey to Fair Trade School designation. Don’t forget to check out Fairtrade Canada’s promotional materials including posters, buttons, stickers and more to get students excited!

The deadline to apply to be considered one of the five eligible schools by Fairtrade Canada is October 14th, 2016. Successful applicants will be chosen by a panel representing Fairtrade Canada and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

For more information on the Imagineaction Fair Trade initiative or on Fair Trade School designation, please contact action@fairtrade.ca or info@cftn.ca or visit


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